On the day of his wedding to the lovely Mercedes, Edmond Dantes, First mate of the Pharaon, is accused of treason arrested and imprisoned without trial, in the Chateaux d'If, a grim island fortress off Marseilles.

A fellow prisoner, Abbe Faria, learned but eccentric to the point of madness, deduces that it was jealous rival, Fernand Mondego, envious crewmate, Danglars and double-dealing Magistrate, Villefort who betrayed him. Faria aids his escape guiding him to a fabulous treasure.

As the powerful, Count of Monte-Cristo mysteriously arrived from the Orient he enters the fashionable, Parisian world of the 1800's to revenge himself on the men who conspired to destroy him.

Licensed Student Productions for schools of performing arts and youth theatres.

Featuring 18 catchy songs, large cast and ensemble of singers/dancers in their 20's -'Monte-Cristo' is an ideal choice.